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Breathing trainers are devices that aim to strengthen the muscles we use to breathe. 

They are often used to help sufferers of lung diseases such as asthma or bronchiectasis, or people recovering from chest infections.

These devices can also improve performance in endurance sports. increasing your breathing muscles’ strength, speed and efficiency, you gain more endurance and a higher pace and lower your exercise perception

Daily breath training can also  reduce high blood pressure.

The range also include incentive spirometers that measures the volume of your breath. 

Your health care provider may recommend that you use an incentive spirometer after surgery or when you have a lung illness 

It helps your lungs recover after surgery or lung illness, keeping them active and free of fluid. 

It will expand your lungs by helping you to breathe more deeply and fully. 

Breathing training devices  are drug free, suitable for almost anyone and should cause no harmful side effects when used properly. 

These products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Designed for exercising the inspiratory muscles only

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