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Infrared light therapy  offers pain relief benefits that work for everyone from athletes to casual exercisers or people with chronic muscle or nerve pain. 

The light energy penetrates through multiple layers of skin to reach deep muscles and nerves. Your cells absorb energy from the light and become more active. Blood flow increases to the area as well to further support cellular regrowth and regeneration, a combination of activities that works to reduce inflammation and repair wounds or injuries.

While light therapy is generally considered safe when used as directed, it’s recommended that you consult with your physician about your individual situation before starting any pain treatment .

The range include  dpl Flex pad a powerful medical-grade LED light and TensCare Sonic Stim Plus ,a device that combines TENS with ultrasound therapy to grant the ultimate drug-free pain relief.

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This device combines TENS with ultrasound therapy to grant the ultimate drug-free pain relief. ..
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