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Discover the secret to lighter feeling legs, with our range of compression tights

Stockings that are specially designed to apply pressure to your lower legs, helping to maintain blood flow and reduce discomfort and swelling.

By providing consistent pressure along with leg movement, they encourage blood to flow upward from your ankles through the deep veins in your legs and back toward your heart.

The range also include compression pantyhose that offer  improved circulation throughout the entire leg,  beneficial to wear if you are overweight, or pregnant.

Good circulation is one of the most important parts of your health. Blood flow problems can lead to uncomfortable aches and pains, and in some situations may even be dangerous. 

Compression socks reduce leg soreness that comes from working long hours - mostly standing and walking and are beneficial you if you've recently had surgery or have been on bed rest—inactivity, going on a long flight, or if you suffer from varicose veins or leg ulcers.

You shouldn't use them if you have nerve damage in your legs or another condition that affects skin sensation, peripheral arterial disease, skin infection on your feet or legs, dermatitis with oozing or fragile skin, or a pulmonary edema 

Overusing compression socks and wearing them incorrectly can break your skin and create conditions where an infection can start.

Compression socks can be helpful for many people, but you should still talk to your doctor before making them a part of your health care routine.

Compression stockings come in a variety of sizes, lengths and colours. They're also available with different strengths of compression

Our range include ReflexWear  and Funqwear compression socks


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