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A poor posture can make your muscles weak,  tight, or imbalanced and can result in aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, and back

If you're having general neck pain, back pain, or headaches, or your posture is noticeably slouched, a posture corrector can help you retrain your muscles into a healthier alignment.

Our range include  posture correctors that  can help you retrain your muscles into a healthier alignment and  Beurer PC 100 posture control smart sensor clip with coach app -helps people work consciously and actively on refining their posture to improve the health of their back. 

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Upper back brace for clavicle support eliminate slouching, relieve neck, shoulder and back painPoor ..
£18.99 £14.99
Posture correctors are often recommended by Doctors if you have a mild case of misalignment. If you'..
The Beurer PC 100 posture trainer is easily attached to clothing and sends a gentle vibration signal..
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