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Homecare device to check ECG parameters, tracking your heart health 

The range also include multifunctional health monitors  that can take measurement of 5 vital signs: body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen, ECG heart rate and respiration rate

Taking an ECG reading allows you to check your heart rhythm when you feel a symptom or if you just want peace of mind. A portable ECG monitor enable you to capture a professional quality ECG reading,

Know instantly if your heart rhythm is normal or if arial fibrillation, bradycardia or tachycardia are detected. 

Devices to check ECG parameters can help to early prevent from cardiovascular diseases and reduce risks.

The device  can be used as a reference for patient to take further medical treatment and reference for doctor to diagnose.

Records  daily ECGs, physical activity, sport performance and medical symptoms during the day

Portable ECG monitors are not intended for making of medical diagnoses and you must never use it to self-diagnose your heart condition

You can use your portable ECG Monitor after your condition has been appropriately diagnosed and in the way your doctor advises you to use it

Our range include Beurer ME 90 mobile ECG , QardioCore and  PM10 palm ECG

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