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 Provides fast acting instant cooling pain relief for muscular aches · 

Cold therapy is recommended by the NHS for the acute stages of muscle and ligament injury. Cold treatment helps reduce pain and swelling for up to three days after an injury. Our range includes instant ice packs, reusable hot/cold gel packs, sprays and more.

Treatment for muscle and joint sprains and strains, cold therapy is used in the first stage of an injury to slow down the blood flowing into an injured area, reducing pain and swelling.

The cold packs are a fast, easy and mess free way to provide emergency cold therapy. Activate the pack by squeezing and shaking to mix the contents. These single-use ice packs do not require a freezer or any kind of pre-cooling.

The range also include  reusable ice bags and universal compression cuffs that  provides compression  and neoprene wraps

Apply cold packs for periods of up to 20 minutes every two to four hours. When your skin starts to feel numb, it's time to give your body a break from a cold pack.

 If you have diabetes, poor circulation, or blood vessel disorders such as vasculitis or Raynauds disease, you should talk with a health professional before using a cold pack.

Basic heat therapy, or thermotherapy can involve the use of a hot water bottle, heath pads  and pads that can be heated in a microwave.

Heat treatment promotes blood flow and helps muscles relax. Use for chronic pain.

In some cases, alternating heat and cold may help, as it will greatly increase blood flow to the injury site.

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