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Our range of air disinfection devices include LENA  air disinfection systems.

Exposure to ultraviolet light is an effective, convenient, cost-efficient and ecological method of disinfection:

It does not require the use of chemicals – generating savings.It is environmentally friendly – minimises the use of chemical disinfectants

The air disinfection devices are designed for rooms where people are constantly present and there is a need to clean the air of harmful microorganisms.

Viruses and bacteria are mainly transmitted via aerosols released into the air when you breathe. UVC air disinfection can be used to reduce the germ load in the immediate environment. 

There is mounting evidence that poor air quality is linked to to chronic illness,exposure to pollution raises the risks of dementia hart disease and lung problems such as asthma.Air pollution is thought to behind 40 000 deaths each year in the UK alone

The high-tech device enables particularly effective, completely chemical-free room air purification - and this continuously when people are present

They are not only safe, effective and efficient, but also serve as an element of interior design and are perfect for commercial spaces and apartments 

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