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The range include eye spray  that is ideal for soothing dry and irritated eyes, eye mask for tired eyes and electrical ear wax remover that is suitable  for children and adults.

Using an eye mask  can offer  for tired eyes and deal with eye strain and headaches

Benefits of Warm Mask

 Warm gel masks can bring moisture to the area, relaxing the muscles and allowing water into cells around the eye. 

This can be helpful for people with itchy, painful, and dry eyes. 

Warm masks are also commonly used to relieve sinus congestion.

Benefits of Cool Mask

 The cool gel ice pack is designed to bring you 20 minutes of soothing coolness.

Our Ear wax cleaning kits and devices are safe if they are used properly, but you always need to be careful and avoid contacting your ear drum or scraping your ear canal.

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