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Feeling of tired eyes can be the result of many different activities such as staring at a computer or TV screen, driving, reading and constantly staring at your mobile can make your eyes feel very tired

Common signs and symptoms of eyestrain include watery eyes eye redness or irritation and feeling of heaviness in eyes

Our range include gel  eye masks have been formulated to help refresh, soothe and rejuvenate tired eyes and an innovative eye massager targets reflex zones around the eyes and temples and provides an ultra-relaxing effect to relieve eye strain and headaches,

The range also includes eye pillows.Eye pillows aren't just for soothing tired eyes. They can actually help us to relax more deeply, to improve our mood and our sleep. Eye massagers that combines various functions of heat,air pressure and multi-frequency vibration.  Massages tension points and relieves eye fatigue, edema, dark circles and dry eyes.

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Self-heating eye mask that relieve dryness and eye fatigue.10 ready-to-use heating masks to take car..
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