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Essential Oil Gemstone Roll On

Essential Oil Gemstone Roll On

Product Code: ACI-HHGR-06

 Enriched with the harmonising energy of rock quartz, this blend is crafted to release energy in its purest form and bring balance to your realm.


Coconut MCT Oil: Our elixir is founded upon the virtues of coconut MCT oil, chosen for its lightweight and hydrating properties, facilitating a royal anointment of the precious oils upon your skin. 

Patchouli Essential Oil: The deep, musky notes of patchouli essential oil provide a rich tapestry of scent, laying the foundations of your aromatic kingdom with its grounding and calming properties. 

Ylang Essential Oil: The luxurious and floral aroma of ylang essential oil reigns supreme, infusing your senses with its sweet, exotic fragrance that promotes a sense of deep contentment and joy. 

Jasmine Essential Oil: The intoxicating scent of jasmine essential oil blossoms in this regal blend, symbolising purity and grace, and offering a tranquil yet empowering essence to your presence.


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